This is now a memorial to Heroic Strike. Unfortunately, we have not been successful in convincing Blizzard to return Fury to how it is in MoP. I’m going to leave the site as-is, just keep in mind that the information below is out of date. 🙂

Join in the movement to convince Blizzard that Heroic Strike is worth keeping!
( As well as meat cleaver and berserker stance! )

Meat Cleaver is back!

For those who have been here a few times. 🙂

7-3-14 – The new and improved wild strike is on the beta servers. I tried it out for 10-15 minutes, and it’s… not very good. If this is meant to replace the feeling of pre-wod fury, then they missed the mark by a mile.

The 0.5 second GCD makes it near-impossible to play with precision, you’ll either spam the key and fire off more wild strikes than you want, or you’ll be more deliberate with key presses and have dead-gcd time between wild strikes. Also, Fury just doesn’t feel right not spamming the keyboard.

You might say, “But there are more open GCDs so dead-gcd time doesn’t matter!”…. well, that’s true. Except for inside of Colossus Smash, where globals are at a premium and accidentally hitting wild strike an extra time could mean not getting storm bolt off inside of the debuff, and dead-gcd time could do the same. 

Ultimately, there IS a difference between spamming 2 keys every 1.5 seconds, and spamming 1 key every 0.5 seconds. Having 2 keys with separate 1.5 second cooldowns (On-gcd/off-gcd) that can be pressed at the same time allows for precision while spamming.

There are other issues, but I’ll let trade chat wisdom shine in here.



Thus, Tweet Blizzard! PLEASE BE CIVIL.

7-1-14: We’ve been heard. Kind of.

Read up here:
Help out Arms as well:


This is a great video explaining why it feels so wrong to remove heroic strike.

Fury Before heroic strike was taken away
Fury After
New Awesome Arms Rotation ( Please don’t believe that it’s actually awesome. )

While you’re at it, go adopt some type of pet so that we never have to see Sarah McLachlan in a depressing tv ad ever again. Also because pets are awesome. 

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486 Responses to

  1. NowARangedDPS says:

    Everytime i log into my main that isnt a mop fury warrior i open this website and cry.

  2. DixOutHarambeStrike says:

    He will be missed.

  3. warrioror says:

    dicks out for heroic strike

  4. rip my love says:


  5. Christoph Mitzin says:

    My nights aren’t the same without you… I will always remember you…..

  6. Fluffy Chicken says:

    Removing starfall was a prank

  7. Vyktar says:

    rest in pep

  8. Tajo says:

    Always be in my heart <3

  9. Fanatik says:

    Never forget HS :((

  10. Rashtall says:

    MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! </3 :'(

  11. Slutmong FemWorgen says:

    Never forgetti:

    Heroic Strike rank 1
    Heroic Strike rank 2
    Heroic Strike rank 3
    Heroic Strike rank 4
    Heroic Strike rank 5
    Heroic Strike rank 6
    Heroic Strike rank 7
    Heroic Strike rank 8
    Heroic Strike rank 9

    Special thank to the amazing Heroic Strike

    You will always be the true hero of Azeroth

  12. Barnzyy-Frostwhisper says:

    It’s been 1 and a half years, but it feels more like a decade. I recently rolled back to my Warrior, to gear him up and make him fgeel loved again – but it’s just not the same without the one tool I loved. You will always be in my heart forever Heroic Strike, every day that passes I feel a darkness, it’s the darkness that I am never going to see you on my toolbars again as a fury/arms warrior.

  13. Sir Chasm says:

    Still hurts, miss you every day. <3

  14. Asmodeus says:

    i wept for a thousand years until you would return to us, and now you have.

  15. Paarthürnax says:

    Welcome back little friend, i miss you so much, but now u come to our side.


    ____________000000____________000000____________ __________000000000000______000000000000_________ ______000000000000000000__000000000000000000_____ ____00000000000000000000000000000000000000000____ ___00000000000000___000000000___00000000000000___ __000000000000000___000000000___000000000000000__ _0000000000000000___000000000___0000000000000000_ _0000000000000000___000000000___0000000000000000_ _0000000000000000___000000000___0000000000000000_ _0000000000000000___000000000___0000000000000000_ _0000000000___000000000000000000000___0000000000_ __000000000___000000000000000000000___000000000__ ___000000000___0000000000000000000___000000000___ _____000000000___000000000000000___000000000_____ _______00000000____00000000000____00000000_______ __________0000000_______________0000000__________ _____________0000000000000000000000000___________ _______________000000000000000000000_____________ __________________000000000000000________________ ___________________000000000000__________________ ______________________000000_____________________ _______________________0000______________________ ________________________00_______________________

  16. druid says:

    Is hc curently out for all specs?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Welcome back, old friends <3 ;_; 7

  18. Treister says:


  19. Blademaster Gur'tak says:

    Your priests have done us well, Zan’zee. Heroic Strike returns to us as a talent?! At the very least for my Arms warrior brethren. We shall see for Fury, I do not yet know how it could fit their rotation well.

  20. Riparino says:


  21. Shadowpriest Zan'zee says:

    As we approach the anniversary of this tragedy, the council of Priests extend our sympathy and best wishes for the upcoming expansion, may fortune favor your class in 2016, Warriors o7 <3

  22. Ragnaros says:

    It’s was fucking op anyway

  23. TrueWarrior says:

    Eight letters,
    Three words,
    One regret,
    I miss you.

  24. Harem says:

    Warriors only have two abilities now

  25. Arab says:

    bad times ahead friend
    maybe no heroic strike
    maybe no fun
    i go away but we are two of soul
    i will return

    last seen: 319 days

  26. Muus says:

    rip kayotica

  27. RIP NECROTIC says:

    Also I’d like to say a goodbye to our old friend NECROTIC STRIKE. RIP .

  28. Garrosh says:


  29. Spaceslam says:

    Never forget, heroic strike, you will always have a place in my heart, and i will fight to bring you back. THEY MAY TAKE OUR FUN, BUT THEY SHALL NEVER, TAKE, MY WARRIOR PRIDE!

  30. You want heroic strike back kids?

    No, Our aim is to take away all fun in the warrior class.

  31. Osephyron says:

    No more tears now, only dreams.

    We shall never forget.

  32. TurkeyBurgers says:

    Cowards die a thousand deaths, heroic strike died but one.

  33. Heroic Strike says:

    I’ll be Gone ‘Til November
    I’ll be Gone ‘Til November
    Yo, tell my girl yo I’ll be Gone ‘Til November
    January, February, March, April, May…
    I see you crying, but girl I can’t stay
    I’ll be Gone ‘Til November
    I’ll be Gone ‘Til November…
    And give a kiss to my mother…

  34. AverageWarrior says:

    I still can feel your presence… but its just an illusion.

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