This is now a memorial to Heroic Strike. Unfortunately, we have not been successful in convincing Blizzard to return Fury to how it is in MoP. I’m going to leave the site as-is, just keep in mind that the information below is out of date. πŸ™‚

Join in the movement to convince Blizzard that Heroic Strike is worth keeping!
( As well as meat cleaver and berserker stance! )

Meat Cleaver is back!

For those who have been here a few times. πŸ™‚

7-3-14 – The new and improved wild strike is on the beta servers. I tried it out for 10-15 minutes, and it’s… not very good. If this is meant to replace the feeling of pre-wod fury, then they missed the mark by a mile.

The 0.5 second GCD makes it near-impossible to play with precision, you’ll either spam the key and fire off more wild strikes than you want, or you’ll be more deliberate with key presses and have dead-gcd time between wild strikes. Also, Fury just doesn’t feel right not spamming the keyboard.

You might say, “But there are more open GCDs so dead-gcd time doesn’t matter!”…. well, that’s true. Except for inside of Colossus Smash, where globals are at a premium and accidentally hitting wild strike an extra time could mean not getting storm bolt off inside of the debuff, and dead-gcd time could do the same.Β 

Ultimately, there IS a difference between spamming 2 keys every 1.5 seconds, and spamming 1 key every 0.5 seconds. Having 2 keys withΒ separateΒ 1.5 second cooldowns (On-gcd/off-gcd) that can be pressed at the same time allows for precision while spamming.

There are other issues, but I’ll let trade chat wisdom shine in here.



Thus,Β Tweet Blizzard! PLEASE BE CIVIL.

7-1-14: We’ve been heard. Kind of.

Read up here:Β
Help out Arms as well:Β

Videos: Β Β

This is a great video explaining why it feels so wrong to remove heroic strike.

Fury Before heroic strike was taken away
Fury After
New Awesome Arms RotationΒ ( Please don’t believe that it’s actually awesome. )

While you’re at it, go adopt some type of pet so that we never have to see Sarah McLachlan in a depressing tv ad ever again. Also because pets are awesome.Β 

Created by: Collision

With help from: ArchimtirosΒ – ManagerΒ – RequielqtΒ –Β Eranthey

( Requiel mostly stood around telling me that the website looked awful every time I changed something. )

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >core rotation spell since 2004
    >no one ever used it
    pick one

  2. Nightbot says:

    My first class was warrior. they are taking something I loved away from me.

  3. rend masterrace says:

    lel rip in peace, that one useless ability no one used ever.

  4. Jebis says:

    2014-2015… The time when warrior class was deleted from the game by blizzard. (Heroic strike->gone ; Recklessness taking icon from deleted Skull Banner->OMG; Arms “IMBA” rotation; Awful Wild Strike with SUPER Awful sound)…. GJ. Can’t play this Sh*t after 8 years of playing warrior.

  5. Atenario says:


  6. Pablozor says:

    Sin duda la perdida mas grande para un guerrero, [Heroic Strike] la habilidad que te acompaΓ±o desde lvl 1 cuando no tenias equipo y ahora…. se va …. te extraΓ±aremos amigo a donde quiera que vayas…… </3 TuT

  7. Dirtus says:

    Testigo de nuestros progresos, el Heroic Strike acompaΓ±o nuestros logros y fracasos, y el, inmutable, nos regocijΓ³ el alma, tantos levels, tantos lugares, tantas bgs, tantas raids… Me llevo un recuerdo ÚNICO E IRREPETIBLE de este ataque, que acarrio victorias para mejorar a la facciΓ³n y al personaje.

    Me llevo un recuerdo memorable de eso y dejo este tema para todos los warrios estemos unidos ante esta desgracia y forjemos un futuro lleno de ira y gloria.

    Gracias Heroic Strike, muchas gracias.

  8. Fanatik says:

    Why am I forced to play arms!?

  9. kerzen says:

    recuerdo esa vez en la que empece a jugar wow y me hice a mi primer warrior, un tauren el cual su primera habilidad fue ese heroic strike que estaba al lado del autoatack, cuando la use senti que mi warrior estaba empezando su camino hacia el exito y que esa habilidad seria indispensable para el, pase por muchas situaciones e incluso mi tauren warrior lo cambie a un belf warrior, pero esa habilidad jamas seria cambiada de su lugar, ese segundo slot de la spell bar que tenia reservado para el….

    ahora que veo que esa habilidad que no salvo de mas de una situacion en la que necesitabamos un golpe que acabase con el enemigo aun faltandonos la ira para ejecutar, heroic strike estuvo ahi para hacernos con la muerte de nuestro enemigo tanto en bg como en arenas, se haya ido dejandonos, haciendo que blizz acabara con esos momentos de felicidad, de victorias y de honor, en el cual heroic strike estaba con nosotros dispuestos a ayudarnos a acabar con nuestros enemigos, esa habilidad que vio tus progresos con nuestros warriors, esa habilidad que empezo pegando de 10-18 hasta 70k-100k de damage, que esa habilidad desaparezca asi de la nada es algo realmente triste, good night sweet prince D’:

  10. Rejlo says:

    *Play while you read*

    The Warrior’s of World of Warcraft have now lost their first and most iconic ability. An ability that has been with us Warrior’s since the very start of our adventures. Together have we been while we’ve vanquished our foes and even when the dungeon group was on the verge of fail we stood together.

    Together against the harsh world we went.

    Against hordes of demon’s we went.

    Against thousands of undead we fought.

    We even stood together against the end of the world and ancient powers from a strange and mysterious land but nothing could break us, except for the Game Developers.

    For whatever reason they might have had It does not make up for what they have done to us. Because they have not removed an ability, they have killed my partner and dear friend Heroic Strike.

    Goodnight our sweet prince.
    We will always love you and never forget Heroic Strike 2004-2014.

  11. qwerty says:

    te extraΓ±aremos golpe heroico :C

  12. noxtis says:

    *take wildstrike off GCD, give it 1sec CD, call it a day

  13. noxtis says:

    take wildstrike off GCD, make it instant cast, call it a day

  14. kallex says:

    vI hope that Blizzard read our comments and take into account the views and suggestions. Even the most diverse common sense is that there is nothing good in either Arms and Fury specs. Arms is so still that even gives sleep. Fury is low, without a defined rotation with bad talent and without rage dump off the GCD. Fury is currently, along with Feral Druid (Cat), by far the best for DPS rotations, because you need to have skill and absolute control of your character and your procs to master their damage. The way they are imposing changes took that fun forcing Arms to use three buttons and Fury use four buttons. But for something to change, we need more warriors complaining and asking for modifications.

  15. kallex says:

    jesus, warriors fury dont need anything change… jsut get fingers qnd you play very well

  16. Laim says:

    For so long F has been bound to HS, I shall always leave that spot on my bars empty in memory of the ability that has been there ever since I talked to my class trainer at level 14. They may take Heroic Strike from us but they can never kill Heroic Strike’s legacy.

  17. Tom says:

    Removing the most iconic warrior ability that there ever was is genuinely saddening, I wouldn’t even care if they just left it in but made it inferior to EVERY other rage spender, it’s a pain to have it taken away.

  18. MagmaScythe says:

    Collision, this goes out to you. I’ve been keeping up to date on the feedback thread on the forums for the past few weeks and I can’t believe how long it has been since there has been a blue response. Yet you keep at it, rallying the warriors together to oppose this madness. Keep at it man, don’t let them ruin fury so they can say they made it more “accessible”.

  19. non-warrior says:

    why would you EVER want to skip the second song on the playlist?!?!

  20. Callum says:

    rip in peace sweet prins gone but nvr forgoten :”'(

  21. Tenora says:

    What’s next no Shadowbolt for Warlocks, no more Judgement for Paladins, or no more Wrath for Druids. Never forget Heroic Strike 2004-2014 q.q

  22. Yarazar says:

    I think warriors need a steadier income of rage, being so dependant on bloodthirst crits and melee autoattack hits in order to be able to do something is something that can be very frustrating, especially when you are in lowlevel gear. It puts the class in such a big disadvantage in regards to other classes like rogues, monks, ferals, who can keep their resources regenerating naturally…

    I would suggest something like a talent that gave you 5 rage every second once entering combat(i’d call it infuriating resolve), or maybe reducing the cooldown on bloodthirst by a huge amount or remove it’s cd completely and give us back the spammable heroic strike so incase we did can rage we would be able to burn it off… It would really bring back the real warrior feeling of constantly doing something, constantly being busy smashing your enemies instead of waiting and waiting and waiting for that raging blow proc or that rage gain.

    Just imagine being able to spam bloodthirst to get to those raging blow procs and burning off excess rage with heroic strike… Sure this idea isnt perfect, and its my personal opinion, but it’s a direction where i’d like to see the warriors going.ο»Ώ

    But apart from all that, I think it’s never good to remove an iconic ability such a Heroic Strike, while they are at it they might aswell remove hunter and warlock pets, paladin auras, shaman totems,… Oh wait…

  23. Protection Warrior says:

    Should have rolled protection boys. /flex

  24. Scarface says:

    shouts out to heroic strike, every time I drink a brew I’ll pour some on the block for you.

  25. Tullbiann says:


  26. Rain Sitting Crow says:


  27. Cantor says:

    Warrior’s have just lost a very iconic ability..
    I remember the days of my youth, when I first created a Warrior, human.. And I saw only one spell, of red and silver, adorning my empty action bar….

    Heroic Strike… I watched, as I swung my petty short sword, and the wave of red followed behind, as I struck down my first enemy.. The first of many.. Mangy Wolf. This was the start of a beautiful friendship, between Warrior, and Heroic Strike.. The many times I pent out my rage, upon you, swinging wildly, with that gleaming red following, striking down countless of my foes. Many fell to your brutality, between the strength of you, and my sword, we were god-like. The concept of you being gone, hurts both my heart and my rotation. For I have not only lost a good rage-outlet… I’ve lost my friend.

    From day one, you were there with me, till the end.. From the days of my noobhood.. Countless deaths from Murlocs… Failed Deadmines runs… You were there, by my side, ready to wreak havoc upon unsuspecting kobolds… People say.. “You don’t know what you’ve got.. Until It’s gone.” Well… That’s just the case.. With all my pressing of other abilities, you were always there, at one point or another.. And to think.. They can just remove you… It’s unsettling… It’s unnatural. It’s wrong. Blizzard, you’ve made plenty of good decisions that were thought to be mistakes, but this one, this one decision… Is wrong, completely wrong. We all have our one ability, that stays with us… Fireball… Smite… Wrath… Let the warriors have theirs.. Bring back Heroic Strike. Let us bloody our blades on plenty of the fresh game on the world of Draenor, but let us do so as we’ve done since the dawn of our character.. With Heroic Strike.

    Thank you.

  28. Rolanor says:

    Paladin here, with a 90 warrior alt.

    Wild strike sucks. Heroic strike best strike. As usual, blizzard in charge of getting rid of iconic abilities and mechanics in exchange for stupid shit that nobody likes or wants.


  29. Sativ says:

    Warrior scum i hope you have 1 skill by the end of WoD

  30. Ertril from frostmounre says:

    bring back heroic strike please blizzard

  31. Roberto Garcia says:

    Bring back Heroic Strike

  32. FuckFart says:

    I’ve read this about 23,3 times now and i cry every time.
    Please celestalon, let us keep it.
    Rip hs – never forget

  33. Caio says:


  34. Surtruk says:

    I just want an ability called heroic strike. I don’t care if it works exactly the same. Give it slams functionality in arms as the big hitter. HS was the first ability I learned. I don’t want it gone.

  35. Verthaa says:

    I started back in BC, just after Vanilla ended.. The game was so much more intellectually challenging and strategic, many things have come and gone, but I never saw HS as one of those things. Been a warrior for many years, I will miss it. I too, feel sorry for those who haven’t seen the game at its best.

  36. ZiggsRPG says:

    The people that I feel sorry for are those who start playing now and never see Wow as it was. The tech tree, the abilities and the lore! I hope this expansion fixes some recent blunders.

  37. Tengenstein says:

    and another iconic ability bites the dust. first charge’s stun, and now heroic strike.

    Just give us it back blizzard.

  38. RIP_Warriors says:

    I used to believe that Ghostcrawler hated warriors, but now the truth is plain to see. He loved Warriors so much that he was able to stop his Dev team from removing the class like they are trying now. I miss you spectral crab.

  39. Peppers says:


  40. Razhiel says:

    β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–€β–„β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’ β–„β–€β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘

  41. Metrolol says:

    Was there a RIP Consecration website as well? I must have missed it 2 years ago.
    Here’s to you, warriors. After losing Consecrate Ret AOE has never been…. oh wait its amazing atm.

  42. Flarepulse says:

    I didn’t much notice you throughout the years, but now that I’ve been subjugated to Sara McLachlan for the past nine minutes I feel like a part of me has been severed.

    Godspeed you magnificent bastard.

  43. Holinka says:


  44. celestalon says:

    LOL just kidding guys… it’s getting a BUFF!

  45. Zavael says:

    RIP in pieces, Heroic Strike. You may be gone, BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN. <3 <3 <3

  46. GEge says:


  47. baby please don’t go

    tomorrow will you still be here?

    i don’t know ( 00000)

  48. I’m thinking mage unless some other melee class is going perform well and be fun to play. WW has potential.

  49. Besota says:

    nice screenshot ^_^

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