This is now a memorial to Heroic Strike. Unfortunately, we have not been successful in convincing Blizzard to return Fury to how it is in MoP. I’m going to leave the site as-is, just keep in mind that the information below is out of date. πŸ™‚

Join in the movement to convince Blizzard that Heroic Strike is worth keeping!
( As well as meat cleaver and berserker stance! )

Meat Cleaver is back!

For those who have been here a few times. πŸ™‚

7-3-14 – The new and improved wild strike is on the beta servers. I tried it out for 10-15 minutes, and it’s… not very good. If this is meant to replace the feeling of pre-wod fury, then they missed the mark by a mile.

The 0.5 second GCD makes it near-impossible to play with precision, you’ll either spam the key and fire off more wild strikes than you want, or you’ll be more deliberate with key presses and have dead-gcd time between wild strikes. Also, Fury just doesn’t feel right not spamming the keyboard.

You might say, “But there are more open GCDs so dead-gcd time doesn’t matter!”…. well, that’s true. Except for inside of Colossus Smash, where globals are at a premium and accidentally hitting wild strike an extra time could mean not getting storm bolt off inside of the debuff, and dead-gcd time could do the same.Β 

Ultimately, there IS a difference between spamming 2 keys every 1.5 seconds, and spamming 1 key every 0.5 seconds. Having 2 keys withΒ separateΒ 1.5 second cooldowns (On-gcd/off-gcd) that can be pressed at the same time allows for precision while spamming.

There are other issues, but I’ll let trade chat wisdom shine in here.



Thus,Β Tweet Blizzard! PLEASE BE CIVIL.

7-1-14: We’ve been heard. Kind of.

Read up here:Β
Help out Arms as well:Β

Videos: Β Β

This is a great video explaining why it feels so wrong to remove heroic strike.

Fury Before heroic strike was taken away
Fury After
New Awesome Arms RotationΒ ( Please don’t believe that it’s actually awesome. )

While you’re at it, go adopt some type of pet so that we never have to see Sarah McLachlan in a depressing tv ad ever again. Also because pets are awesome.Β 

Created by: Collision

With help from: ArchimtirosΒ – ManagerΒ – RequielqtΒ –Β Eranthey

( Requiel mostly stood around telling me that the website looked awful every time I changed something. )

486 Responses to

  1. Anonymous says:

    Of all the strikes I know… His was the most…… Herioc….


  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Inigo Montoya says:

    My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my heroic strike, prepare to die.

  4. BootyLuver says:

    u fukin wot m8. ill heroic strike u rite in da gabber, on me nan u bum.

  5. STRIKELOVER says:



  7. Dick Butt says:

    Hi we share the same name

  8. Jerry says:

    Preach it cat. You tell em

  9. Darude says:

    Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundun dun dundundun dun dun dun dun dun dun dundun dundun
    Dundun dundun dundun
    Dun dun dun dun dun
    Dun dun
    Beep beep beep beep
    Beeep beep beep beep
    Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep boom
    Daddaddadadsadadadadadadadadadaddadadadadadaddadadaddadadadadadadadadadadadaddadddadaddadadadd dadadadaddaddadad
    Nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nnyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu nyu

  10. Blizzard says:

    Yes that is a very good idea, Simon. I suggest you start immediately.

  11. Yes, you deserve it

  12. Well says:


  13. 2.7k dk - Ms says:

    uh dks are boring without necro….

  14. Raging Blow says:

    Calm down bitches

  15. U wot m8. 1v1 me m8 ill bash ye fookin sheet in

  16. WILD STRIKE says:

    Motherfuckers better start liking me. Fuck off Heroic Strike. Welcome to Wild Strike

  17. Heroic Papi says:

    Necrotic Strike will forever be in our hearts. RIP in pieces good buddy

  18. Unholy says:

    Necrotic Strike will never be forgotten

  19. DK says:

    Rest in Pieces Necrotic Strike

  20. A Death Knight says:

    As a DK, I lost Hearth Strike, my beloved cleave. I felt sad and lonely. So I know how painful it is to lose something you love.

    RIP Heroic Strike. πŸ™

  21. BibleThump says:

    β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–€β–„β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’ β–„β–€β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘

  22. sad warrior says:

    Why blizzard? why do you keep hurting us.. do we really deserve it?

  23. Titivillus-Frostmourne says:

    Rest in peace

  24. ZiqΓ³ says:

    Rip dear HS <3

  25. Brutekill says:

    My dearest, beloved heroic strike.

    Words can not describe the pain i am feeling. It as if our worlds are being torn appart.

    I can remember making my first world of warcraft character, He was and is a warrior named Brutekill.

    The very first ability i ever used, was none other than you, heroic strike. 2004 marks a place in my heart along with you in it.

    We have been together through thick and thin, powerful and weak, buff and nerf.

    But it is time, your creators see no purpose in you anymore. And its time you know how much you have been a part of my life, and a part of my world..of warcraft.

    Goodnight Sweet price, you will never be forgotten, you continue to heroic strike my heart and soul as each day passes.

    -Brutekill, Tichondrius. (3x 2400 warrior)

  26. Baenhoof says:

    I feel like someone put a 5 stack of sunder on my heart.

    We’ll miss you, Heroic Strike. From the days of Burning Crusade, when you weren’t even on my bars, to Icecrown Citadel, bound to my mousewheel both up and down so I could spam the fuck out of you even faster, to Cataclysm and MoP, where we faced down the Aspect of Death, and even fear itself.

    You may have been removed from the game, but you will never be removed from our hearts.

  27. Simon says:

    I think I will start using drugs again, can’t take this anymore .. πŸ™

  28. Rael says:

    It was always there for us when we needed it, it was more than just an ability, it was our friend.

    RIP Heroic Strike, it will not be the same without you.

  29. Manlybeast says:

    Rest in peace sweet prince.

  30. Dorud says:

    The years we’ve shared our time together
    The memories will go on forever
    Always ready during my swing
    Heroic strike I would sing
    The warrior inside me tries to win
    but without heroic strike I cannot sing
    Because you were the greatest of all my swings.

  31. Warrior says:

    Hello, I have been playing for a long time, warrior has always been the My class and well… this sucks, good bye my sweet friend.

    you will be missed.

  32. Free says:

    Goodbye Sweet Heroic Strike

  33. RPC says:

    “H” will be forever unbound on my keyboard, as a reminder of what was.

  34. msD says:

    Where were you when dem Heroic Strikes fell?
    >be me
    >getting ready for work
    >a day like any other
    >turn on the news
    >”Heroic Strikes is kill”

    nev4r forget

  35. Eathen says:

    I don’t even know what to say… I can’t handle not having my darling… Heroic Strike please… come back. I love you always, nothing can replace you, I will never touch my warrior ever again.

  36. Anonymous says:

    God Speed, moon cat.

  37. Timmo says:

    Reading these comments has actually made me genuinely sad about losing Heroic Strike…

    May it shine down upon us from the realms beyond and watch with pride as we continue to rid Azeroth of evil under it’s great shadow.

  38. I-MissTalentTrees says:

    :((((( where are we all headed…this video make me look deep down… RIP Heroic Strike…sweet prince QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ

  39. Tom says:

    Ur cute. You realize that Warriors were probably the most skill-less classes in mop? Not that they ever have required much skill…but mop was fucked up because the essentially became rogues in plate.

  40. From the moment I laid my first Heroic Strike to the last, it was there for me when times were rough, and never let me down.

    I’m going to miss the great times we’ve had together old friend.

    RIP, may the gods be with you… Always.


  41. Never forget yesterday, But always live for today… cause you never know what tomorrow can bring, Or what it can take away…

    *RIP HS*

    Your Good Friend


  42. Thiago says:

    Hey, there are not many Brazilians here. But the situation is actually preocupare for warriors. I came to my support. It’s not fair …. BLIZZARD. It is hard to understand customer satisfaction?

  43. Fathippo says:

    Might as well remove Ambush from rouges, lightning bolt from shamans and Pets from hunters as well, Thanks Blizz for removing this amazing ability from the warrior.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The Ogre-Lords at Blizz heard you and added it back i think,

  45. Cherrypopper says:

    Warrior, was my first class, and when i think of warrior my first thought is heroic stike, you will be missed baby <3

  46. weegee says:

    you will be missed my friend
    teach the angels how to dump some rage

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