This is now a memorial to Heroic Strike. Unfortunately, we have not been successful in convincing Blizzard to return Fury to how it is in MoP. I’m going to leave the site as-is, just keep in mind that the information below is out of date. 🙂

Join in the movement to convince Blizzard that Heroic Strike is worth keeping!
( As well as meat cleaver and berserker stance! )

Meat Cleaver is back!

For those who have been here a few times. 🙂

7-3-14 – The new and improved wild strike is on the beta servers. I tried it out for 10-15 minutes, and it’s… not very good. If this is meant to replace the feeling of pre-wod fury, then they missed the mark by a mile.

The 0.5 second GCD makes it near-impossible to play with precision, you’ll either spam the key and fire off more wild strikes than you want, or you’ll be more deliberate with key presses and have dead-gcd time between wild strikes. Also, Fury just doesn’t feel right not spamming the keyboard.

You might say, “But there are more open GCDs so dead-gcd time doesn’t matter!”…. well, that’s true. Except for inside of Colossus Smash, where globals are at a premium and accidentally hitting wild strike an extra time could mean not getting storm bolt off inside of the debuff, and dead-gcd time could do the same. 

Ultimately, there IS a difference between spamming 2 keys every 1.5 seconds, and spamming 1 key every 0.5 seconds. Having 2 keys with separate 1.5 second cooldowns (On-gcd/off-gcd) that can be pressed at the same time allows for precision while spamming.

There are other issues, but I’ll let trade chat wisdom shine in here.



Thus, Tweet Blizzard! PLEASE BE CIVIL.

7-1-14: We’ve been heard. Kind of.

Read up here:
Help out Arms as well:


This is a great video explaining why it feels so wrong to remove heroic strike.

Fury Before heroic strike was taken away
Fury After
New Awesome Arms Rotation ( Please don’t believe that it’s actually awesome. )

While you’re at it, go adopt some type of pet so that we never have to see Sarah McLachlan in a depressing tv ad ever again. Also because pets are awesome. 

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( Requiel mostly stood around telling me that the website looked awful every time I changed something. )

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We will never forget you, heroic strike.

  2. SlightSkill says:

    RIP Heroic Strike, a dear friend that will be forever missed

  3. Anthony says:

    gud nite swet prnce

  4. Slendero says:

    Right in da feels `-`

    Good by my friend Heroic Strike, good by…


  5. Heroic Strike, come back. We need you… I need you… I love you.

  6. I'm sorry says:

    We all miss you. You were great and a loyal friend. RIP in pepperonis.

  7. Scott Chuhan says:

    rip heroic strike 2015

  8. Hi says:

    Class design please go back to MoP standards thanks

  9. Bloodthirst says:

    I replaced you. HOW DO YOU FEEL BITCH?

  10. Every Warrior Ever says:


  11. Miss ME yet, furfriends? Enjoy that shovel-ware we pooped out the door that the gooks and dinks who are just now getting access to the internet and computers after making them in their basements for 20 years are now getting.

    Dinky dow VC will eat any shit we poop into their mouths, and they will like it! Vietcong never complaigned about Heroic strike. They get pollution strike and bow and say “Thank you ghost crawler san! Thank you Greg Street desu desu!”

  12. Ghostcrawler says:


  13. Gott in Himmel says:

    I always played a paladin, but I feels for yall 🙁

  14. Jo says:

    removing HS and replace it with Bloodthirst is thee most retarded thing in the world… They are not even same abiltys.. but Hey Bloodthirst already exist

  15. :( says:

    Darling, I love you…

  16. Whirlwind says:


  17. Noam says:

    Ain’t no democracy without Heroic Strike.

  18. Ivalene says:

    Your story was really initamrofve, thanks!

  19. RIP says:

    Rip Heroic Strike!!! In your honor I refuse to play <3 Your legacy lives on in me.

  20. Senpai notice me says:

    R.I.P Heroicu straiku senpai

  21. ASDFADASD says:

    my condolences

  22. U.U says:

    i sit here and remember HS and start crying….blizz why did you screw us over ;(

  23. 420pr0n0sc0p3r says:

    Omg i miss HS so much( what should i fill my rotation with?((

  24. Тиралус says:

    Прощай ХироСтрайк,прощай…

  25. Garrosh Hellscream says:


    No just kidding, Heroic Strike made me oneshot groups.

  26. Osama Bin Laden says:

    It wouldn’t have fucking happened if I had Heroic Strike. Pussy.

  27. You got headshotted, fucker.

  28. Without Heroic Strike, the U.S. Navy Seals defeated me.

  29. terry crews says:


  30. Chuck Norris says:

    Let’s all have a moment and think about our Heroic Strike.

    You have been with us all, 2004 to 2014…

    Hopefully you will come back, my dearest heroic strike. When you log onto WoW… put this website in your broadcast and post it in trade, let’s get this heard of. R.I.P Heroic Strike. You were the best.

  31. YoZ says:

    All the fun we’ve had together… Aww Heroic Strike, please come back to me :'(

    Tu seras à jamais dans mon cœur, bro.

  32. Lychz says:

    I will never forget you, because you always have been there. HEROIC STRIKE <3. YOU AND ME, ME AND YOU, ONE THRUST TO GET THEM ALL.

  33. Chuck Norris says:

    I got 4.2k with this spell only.

  34. Steven Seagal says:


  35. John wick says:

    i crie every tim

  36. Ghostcaller says:

    R.i.P in pepperonis m8

  37. Unter says:


  38. Chuck Norris says:

    R.I.P Heroic Strike

  39. President Barack Obama says:

    Our nation has lost a great hero.

  40. gladiator says:

    i used to love it..

  41. Rusho says:

    We will always miss you 🙁

  42. Wanna Fuck before I go

  43. R.I.P Heroic Strike we will aways remeber you!!!

  44. I have no words to say…

  45. Thunderox says:

    I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :'( :'( :'( :'(

  46. best warr eu says:

    It’s not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow.
    You will forever be in my heart, my dear love.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Good night, sweet prince.

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